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The customer portal that creates more loyal customers

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Bizzjoiner helps you to:

1 Improve the customer experience

A safe customer is a loyal customer. Extending business operations so that they are always available gives customers a sense of control over the relationship with your business.

2 Make business more efficient

Let the entire business flow be efficient. Place yourself above the competition by competing at a completely different level. Even in B2B, price and physical availability are only part of the equation that wins customers.

3 Increase profitability

Reduced workload for internal support staff. The customer's access to self-service increases availability while you can lower service costs.


Competent corporate customer portal!

Bizzjoiner is the solution for companies that want to give their customers access to a portal of information and services. It's the easiest way to stay open 24/7. With personal logins and an effective authorization system, you and your customers keep track of who has access to which information.

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Bizzjoiner - World-class digital customer care

Do you want the opportunity to give your existing customers world-class customer care by offering a digital VIP entrance? Do you want to free up both your own and your customers' time?

Bizzjoiner is a subscription service that allows you to very easily and quickly get started with a customer portal that meets strict requirements for security, scalability and flexibility.


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Start your digital customer care with Bizzjoiner

Become the company your customers talk about as the provider with the best digital customer care.
We help you succeed through an active partnership where our common goal is your satisfied customers.

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