How to "2x" sales to existing customers

21 Oct 2020 in

How do you attract existing customers to buy more and from a larger part of your offer?

The truth is that it is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to a completely new contact. The trust that has been built up over time and the feeling for established routines means that many elements in the sales process disappear.

At the same time, it can be difficult to move on with an existing customer and get them to open their eyes to the other things you have to offer. The customer does not have the full picture of you and your offer and it can be sensitive to risk the current business relationship by starting to "sell".

Marketing to existing customer

The solution to this can be to let the customer come to an insight into the other parts of your offer. This can be achieved, for example, through mailings, social media, etc. One of the most powerful ways to market to existing customers is to publish initiated news on the company's customer portal. In this way, you can weave in the messages in connection with other communication, whereupon the customer "finds" the information himself, without you having to perform a mailing.

Take advantage of a well-used customer portal

How often do your existing customers visit your website to find out about news? How much of the advertising mail is actually read by recipients?

By publishing news on a well-used customer portal, you are guaranteed to reach the right target group who are also actively interested in your company at the moment (because they have just logged in to the customer portal). At the same time as you make it easier for customers to do business with you, with the help of effective routines, you have the opportunity for very effective marketing.

For example, a customer who enters the customer portal to see information about ongoing delivery, projects or simmular, also sees the news you have published.

Targeted messages

Since the user is always known when he logs in to the customer portal, it is possible to create targeted messages. For example, you may want to let different customer groups take part in different messages.
Another possibility is to allow the group the client user so you can target different messages to users based on their personal preferences.

The possibilities for directing the messages to inform and market are endless.

Opportunity for follow-ups

An advantage of publishing information to identified users is that you can very easily see which articles are read and lead to activity and which customers express interest in different things.
Articles that do not lead to the desired effect can be easily identifiedCTA and adjusted or replaced with other articles. You can also let the articles result in a CTA (Call to action), ie that customers who think a news item is interesting and want to be contacted easily announce this.

This allows salespeople to pick up and process customers who have already shown interest. Unlike outreach sales or reconciliation meetings where any needs can be identified, this becomes a more direct approach where the seller can use his and the customer's time effectively.

Let the customer open doors to other parts of the business relationship

Your customer can be your best seller when it comes to existing customers. Let the customer invite their colleagues to the customer portal so that they can also take part in your tips and advice. How many more departments, subsidiaries or business areas does not exist at your customers that you could also be selling to if they only knew that you existed and what you could deliver?

By activating social functions in the customer portal, the customer's employees will also see each other's comments and assessments. When they see that other parts of the company utilize other parts of your offer, it automatically becomes a reference.

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