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What does a customer portal mean?

A customer portal becomes the natural collaborative place for you and your customers' employees. It is the place to which customers return to receive updated information, opportunity for interaction, and invite customers to collaborate more closely.

Unlike the public homepage, the customer portal gives your existing customers a form of VIP entrance, which means that they can access their customer status through the company's services. Properly designed, the customer portal becomes something that not only helps the company to manage customers effectively, but something that can actually be used as an argument for the company's customer care and how smooth it is to collaborate with it.

The customer portal connects the company's internal system with the customer's users, which means that they always have access to relevant and up-to-date information. This increased availability means avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and that the customer does not need to feel unsure of the status while also feeling uncomfortable by calling and asking.

Get social with your customers

Through the user profiles, the customer portal can also be used for information distribution and marketing to existing customers' users. As users can indicate what kind of information they are interested in and what role they have, messages can be spread that is relevant to specific groups of individuals. The social features of the portal also allow users to show their appreciation for articles they find interesting or comment on the things they are thinking about.

Contact with different occupational roles

Depending on the company's business, the customer portal is filled with relevant features that make it easier for customers' employees. The authorization system makes it possible to define roles for users so that different people at the customer can access various information and can perform different actions. The customer's finance department may be interested in accessing invoices and payment information while a purchaser wants to place orders and monitor deliveries.

VIP entrance for your customers

The customer portal is the login for your most important users, your customers. By giving them an effective tool for accessing information and interacting with you, you show how important you think they are.

Getting the opportunity to log into the customer portal is something that requires a unique membership, namely to be a customer with you. Therefore, it becomes natural that you share industry and company-specific information in a way that both strengthens your brand and at the same time provides a substantial added value to your customers.

Because you can have several people at the customer have a login, the customer portal provides a way to process more contact persons at the customer as a VIP, without it requiring more time.

Early warning signals

Through the customer portal, it is also possible for the company to receive instant feedback from customers. By continuously allowing users to provide feedback on the various activities carried out, early warnings can be captured for any lack of quality. The built-in case management also allows deviations to be managed in a structured way that is effective for both the customers and the company.

Security for the users

The customer portal is from scratch is built for with personal data integrity in mind. This means that clarity and transparency mean that it is possible to comply with the rules in the new data protection regulation. All users have a personal login to control access to data and features. Because the user is also connected to a customer, de-personalization is possible in such a way that it is possible to gain insights into the different customers' commitment and satisfaction.

The clarity that exists in the customer portal means that the customer's users feel safe in the company's management of both the business relationship and the individual as individuals.

The goal is increased customer loyalty

The purpose of the customer portal is to simplify and clarify your communication with the customers. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction and thereby increase customer loyalty. In addition to the tools that help customers in your joint business processes, the customer portal helps with measuring the conditions for loyalty.

By keeping a focus on how your customers perceive your customer care and to fix problems early, the customer portal becomes the tool that will get your customer relations extended.