7 reasons to connect customer portal to Business Central

02 Sep 2020 in
  • Do you want to introduce a way to make business more convenient for your customers?
  • Do you spend many hours manually processing customer inquiries, invoice inquiries or follow-up of statuses?
  • Are you looking for ways to provide better service to your customers and create more business opportunities?

Exceed customers' expectations with an easy-to-implement customer portal that gives customers everything they need from bank statements, orders and delivery status, project follow-up and also provides space for two-way communication - and has everything synchronized directly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


1. The customer portal means that you are always open!

Your customers will enjoy the convenience and flexibility of placing an order, changing a service or creating a customer support case on their computer, phone or tablet when it is convenient for them. 24/7 service with a customer portal for Business Central also means that your customers will have the opportunity to follow up on projects or delivery status outside normal office hours. This means increased business opportunities in addition to providing access to a superior customer service!

Adapting to the customer's stressful reality by providing a customer portal that is easy to use and always available shows that you care about your customers. Simply put, customers will love you for it!

2. You already have the information, be sure to use it

Not all companies have their business in order. If you run Business Central, you probably have a big advantage in that all your business information is gathered in a way that makes it easy for you to be organized. It is the same information that you have in your business system that the customers are looking for, so with a connected customer portal you do not have to double register information or to manually be the link between the customer and the information about your joint business.

3. A customer portal drives traffic and engages customers

Setting up an integrated customer portal is a very effective way to engage customers. Then customers return everyday to the portal in a completely different way than to the public website so that you have the opportunity to showcase the fantastic products and services that you have to offer!

4. You can share information with your customers

Whenever your customers enter the portal, you have an opportunity to provide or view information. Maybe you offer a new product or service, a new pricing model, or customer-privileged information - whatever it may be, the portal provides another opportunity for you to let your customers know about it!
And you have the opportunity to get direct feedback from your customers in a simple way.

5. Be social with your customers

Find out what your customers think. Take advantage of features for social functions such as liking, commenting and sharing.
The customer portal gives you the opportunity to create a sense of an inner circle for your customers, a community for existing corporate customers. Ask your customers for feedback directly linked to the news you post or ask them to tell you what they perceive as areas for improvement around your way of working.

The architecture with authorization groups per customer means that communication stays between you and each customer.

6. Expand the company's contact area

By letting the customer add new users themselves, you let the customer update your contact register. Users can also be asked to update the information about themselves, their interests, etc., which means that you can further learn more about your customers.
As the communication in the portal is linked to users rather than just companies, new contact surfaces are created. The relationship between customer and supplier is thus not limited in the same way as when only buyers and sellers have contact with each other.

7. It is easy to recoup an investment in digital customer care

It is easy to prioritize the investment in a customer portal as it both reduces the internal administration at the same time as it gives more satisfied customers. Read how to create a Business-case regarding a customer portal to see how you can easily recoup the investment.

Connecting a customer portal to the business system does not have to be very complicated or costly. Bizzjoiner customer portal is delivered as a cloud service with a complete connection to, for example, the Business Central ERP system. Right from the start, there is a lot of functionality that can be used immediately and if you need your own customized routine, this can easily be added according to your and your customers' wishes. 

Book a personal demonstration of the system today to see how it can work for your business.